Botox and JUVÉDERM


To erase lines around eyes, consider quick and easy Botox therapy. Tiny lines around the eyes can make a person appear years older, but Botox, a popular age-reducing cosmetic therapy, can erase the lines and return a youthful, fresh appearance. Injected into creases and lines that develop in the brow and around the eyes, Botox is a popular therapy among women, as well as men. After treatment, patients experience renewed confidence that can affect their social, professional, and romantic relationships.

Unlike other products, Botox is not a filler. Botox prevents muscles around the eyes and near the brow from contracting. When these muscles cannot contract, the skin doesn't wrinkle, so lines gradually decrease.

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JUVÉDERM is a dermal filler that plumps skin for a fresh, vibrant, youthful look.  A series of tiny injections promote an instant improvement in the smoothness of your skin, erasing lines. JUVÉDERM turns back the clock by plumping the deep folds of smile lines, marionette lines, and vertical lip lines.

Hyaluronic acid is a sugar found naturally in the body. It attracts water, hydrating the skin and adding volume. JUVÉDERM boasts the highest concentration of hyaluronic acid in its category and can last up to one year with just a single treatment. The results are natural and discreet, so only you will know you've had a cosmetic skin treatment.

A Younger You Today

You may not be able to stop the years from progressing, but you can control the way you age. These simple, non-surgical procedures take only minutes, and many patients schedule sessions over their lunch hour. Bring your youthful inner glow out for the world to see with a BOTOX or JUVÉDERM treatment from Arbuckle Dental.

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